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When the government called for a nation-wide quarantine a few months ago, the world largely turned to communication

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Hurricane Matthew has left a path of destruction along the southern part of the east coast and to

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Mitel makes a big step forward with their Mobile Division (born out of their 2015 acquisition of Mavenir

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Having your phone system go down is the last thing you need, so why is it always the forgotten

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Communication: Connecting with anyone, anywhere. This great article written by the folks at ShoreTel opens our eyes to the future of

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Imagine for a moment that you’re a sales manager at a growing company and tasked with building a

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Cloud security is a hot discussion topic these days. Security is one of the main reasons that many

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The days of the landline telephone are numbered. In their place are softphones, or Voice over IP (VoIP)

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More organizations than ever are realizing the benefits of VoIP-based phone systems – whether in the cloud or on-premises system. One

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You know your PBX is way past its prime, and economic pressures have lead you to delay its

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