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NEC Mobility

The Future of Mobile Communication Services

Mercury Communication Services offers mobile communication services in Dallas/Fort Worth that accommodate to any growing workforce. We provide mobile communication solutions, such as the UNIVERGE SV9000, which presents your business with mobility and applications on mobile devices that increases efficiency and offers constant access to any of your communication tools. Employees are now able to communicate 24/7 with co-workers or clients, from anywhere around the world. This allows your team(s) to have the mobile freedom to stay connected while they are on the go.

Freedom to Roam

Mercury Communication Services has a long lasting relationship with NEC. It’s this relationship that has allowed Mercury to master all of NEC’s Mobility solutions and implement them within thousands of businesses across Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex. Our combined solutions offer your employees secure, uninterrupted communications wherever they may be. Whether that be in between meetings on the road, within the office, or traveling on a business trip. Our NEC Mobility solutions not only provide the same features of a standard office phone, but they offer even more features to accommodate your business needs.

You can utilize your smart phone and tablet to enhance business text messaging, reminders, notifications, programmable functions, and even integrate with your existing applications. You can even set up your mobile device to gain additional coverage outside of the host network by connecting to WiFi or 4G if coverage is unavailable in a particular region. We have all had dropped calls due to poor cell coverage. Imagine your phone being able to automatically transfer from phone tower coverage to a WiFi network so you never get a dropped call.

Enabling true business mobility

Anywhere, anytime accessibility
Moving seamlessly between offices
Text messaging & alarms enable quicker response
Handsets and applications for all user types and environments
Fully integrated with communications server
Reduces phone and cellular costs
Increase customer service levels
Seamless, uninterrupted call transfer between mobile and desktop phones
Easy access to a central directory and employee presence info
Single voice mailbox
Flexible Call Control

Increase Productivity

Your business can always be reached. Employees can always be contacted outside of the office with the connectivity of their office phone to a mobile device, as well as switching from the office phone to their cell phone if they have to leave the office during a call. This alone, improves customer satisfaction because calls never have to get cut short due to needing to leave the office or not being at the office during an important phone call from the office line. Conference calls can be conducted from anywhere on multiple mobile devices. No more piling into one room with a phone on loud speaker.

We Offer Mobile Devices

All of our mobile devices that we offer provide superb communication; clear dialog, excellent loud speaker and hands free options, seamless transfer from office phone to mobile device, impressive security measures and more. Plus, the mobile devices are also extremely flexible and designed for ease of use. Can also be much less expensive than purchasing trending smart phones on the market.


Push notifications, messaging and alert notifications are included for any number of specific required applications needed for your business. Your employees can receive messaging alerts, alarms and incident reports directly to their mobile device automatically, per the designated rules that you can customize.

Position Recognition

Our mobile communication services can identify exactly where an employee’s handset and/or mobile device is located at any point in time. If a device gets lost, stolen, or an employee needs help for any number of reasons, an alert can be sent to the device, as well as linked devices within the system. The solution provides exact coordinates to the device.

We want to work with you to find the perfect solution at the best possible price.

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