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Mitel MiVoice Office

Mercury Communication Services offers the simplest IP Phone System in Dallas / Forth Worth

Mitel MiVoice Office Phone System

The MiVoice Office solution is the simplest IP Phone System that we can implement in your business, without sacrificing reliability or features. This solution used to be known as the 5000HX, but is much more commonly known as MiVoice Office. Mitel’s IP technology platform is a digital and hybrid solution. Basically, your business gets the latest technological advancements without having to remove your existing network infrastructure, and still gets to upgrade to a new system.

There is a limited amount of space necessary, as there’s only a 2U rack size, which accommodates your business by immediately eliminating an older phone system, while upgrading to a newer technology and all of the features that come along with it. MiVoice Office operates off solid state memory, which eliminates the risk of hard disk catastrophes. Lastly, the ease of use of this system is often the best asset because there’s no need for long-term training, while still getting to take advantage of the advanced features and functionality.

Featured Benefits of Mitel MiVoice Office

Now, you can have your office phone and your cell phone ring when a call is made or transferred to your line, which allows for customers to be able to reach you even when you’re not at your desk. With a touch of a button, you can turn this feature on and off. Also, the caller ID from the customer appears on your cell phone and vice versa, even if you call out using your mobile device.
If for some reason you are unable to answer a call and a voicemail is left, you can receive the voicemail on your mobile device. Your mobile device is synced with your office phone, so there is no need to call in to retrieve your messages anymore.
PRI Ready
Your business can contain 23 concurrent calls through one circuit with caller ID and direct inward dials. Direct inward dials eliminate the need for having extensions, and each employee can have their own direct phone number. This also eliminates the need for an auto attendant and unnecessary voice commands prior to the customer reaching a live person.
If you already have a business phone system installed within your office, then you’re already compatible with MiVoice Office. You can utilize the cabling that was previously installed and we will implement the solution for you. No downtime. No hassle. You can even keep your same phones if you choose, but we can also accommodate with new phones if you want to upgrade. No new training and we will make sure that it’s plug and play ready.

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