No More 3rd Party Conferencing Costs

Want to learn how to cut out costs for 3rd party conferencing tools?

Mercury Communication Conferencing Solution

There’s actually an option that allows businesses that utilize third-party conferencing tools a lot of overhead and capital.

Mercury Communication Services offers an in-house conferencing platform that integrates right in to your communication platform. We also manage the solution as well.

Mercury’s Conferencing Platform gives you great features that you are accustom to in one centralized solution:

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Desktop & Media Sharing
  • User Controls – Mute Users, Take Questions, Send Files Real Time, Record, Calendar Invites

Participation Options:

  • Phone
  • Desktop
  • Smartphone or Tablet

Mercury’s conferencing unit also acts as an in-house instant messaging platform as well. No need for two third-party tools, signing in and out of both and hassling with the functionality of two different tools. Our conferencing solution contains all of the same incredible conferencing features, while also providing the instant messaging platform all in one. This allows employees and co-workers to communicate with a quick message or note directly from their smart phone, desktop or tablet. You don’t need to take the time to send an email for a quick note anymore. All of your communication solutions are in one platform.

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