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Enterprise Contact Centers

Mercury Communication Services offers a Custom Contact Center Solution

Mercury can develop, implement and support your custom Contact Center Solution. Regardless of the amount of users that your company facilitates, Mercury can develop and support your contact center to fit your specific requirements.

The best part is that Mercury can implement your contact center with the following customizable features:

  • Innovative Routing – ID Services, menu selection, auto number ID, customer ID, automatic date and time detection, urgency routing, and more.
  • Instant Communication – email and web chat features, video chat and call managing.
  • Detailed Reporting Features
  • Automatic Dialing Features – caller requested and abandoned call backs.
  • Custom Routing Features – create your own routing rules based on your specific needs.
  • Speech Recognition and Text to Speech
  • Workflow Designer
  • Preview, Power and Progressive Dialing and Campaign Management
  • Mobile Agent
  • Silent Monitoring
  • Call Recording
  • Integrated Workforce Management

Mercury Communication Services is dedicated to streamlining your processes with the latest technology, which correlates to increased efficiency, lower operational overhead, and a more productive team to help your customers with the best customer service possible. A new Custom Contact Center solution from Mercury could help your business achieve all of these initiatives and more.

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