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MiContact Center is the ultimate contact center application that helps your business empower customers with self-service capabilities.

Today, that experience is shaped and delivered through digital interactions. While the majority of customer communications are still voice-based, consumers now rely more heavily on digital methods, such as email, SMS, web chat, and social media. They expect the flexibility to interact through the medium of their choice, wherever they are and on multiple devices. Also, they expect to be able to switch between one medium and another while they are on the move on the same device.

Additionally, today’s customer experience must go beyond customer-initiated interactions to deliver proactive communication, empower customers with self-service capabilities, and even leverage the power of machine-to-machine interactions via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Whether or not your business has a traditional contact center, your customer touchpoints should be equipped to deliver informed and personalized interactions with your clients and prospects. Also equally as important, your business should have the ability to respond to changing requirements on the fly. Mercury Communication Services offers these premeire contact center solutions via Mitel’s MiContact Center.

MiContact Center Solutions

MiContact Center IVR
IVR helps businesses deliver efficient, effective and personalized self service to customers resulting in streamlined business process and satisfied, loyal customers.
MiContact Center Multimedia
Powers prompt informed interactions between the mobile enterprise, mobile agents and supervisors, and mobile end customers.
Professional Services
Start on your journey to modernize, scale and drive to a new level of business performance.
Workforce Management
Boost employee engagement and operational efficiency for a measurable impact on your customer experience with workforce management.
MiContact Center LIVE
A True cloud solution that enables businesses to intelligently deliver quality customer experience anywhere, anytime, from any device, and across any channel.
MiContact Center Business
Enterprise grade, multi-channel, and cloud-ready solution designed to power customer-centric organizations.
MiContact Center Office
Provides efficient monitoring, managing and routing of calls.
Performance Analytics
Proactively manage the performance of your networks, for better service quality.

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