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Mercury Communication Services offers the leading Unified Communications solutions in the Industry.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (a.k.a. UCC) is a tool that allows your business to use a single interface to join conference calls, texts, video chats, virtual white-boards and other methods of communication. It’s like having a single pain of glass to see a 360’ view of your house. It combines all of your communication in one platform. Mercury can implement our Unified Communication solutions into your business that will also you to make the quickest, most reliable decisions company-wide. Our UCC solutions give you and your employees the ability to access all of the communication tools already used internally, but in one modernized, resourceful portal.

Mercury, in partnership with Mitel, offers the leading UCC solutions in the industry. Every successful business has a need for communication tools, such as video conferencing, texting, virtual white-boards, screen sharing and instant messaging, just to name a few. Imagine having all of those external tools in one unified platform. It’s a game-changer!

Not to mention that all of Mercury Communication Services’ voice solutions can be integrated into a full Unified Communication solution. Also, because Mercury’s solutions can be run on its hardware OR your servers (utilizing our software), your business can select the terms, agreement and timing of any expansion. You have the control, not us. We are simply here to help you and identify methods in which your business can save money and help you grow.

Mercury also offers a UCC solution for businesses that don’t want the hassle of on-prem hardware and maintenance. Meaning, if you just want to take advantage of the Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions, without purchasing additional servers in-house, we offer a UCC as a service solution that eliminates the need for the hardware. We will implement the solution(s) within your business and host everything in our data centers. This also results in lower capital expenditures, no long-term contracts and peace of mind knowing that we are serving you with you UCC needs all in one centralized location.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Unified Communication Solutions

We will provide you with the required certification necessary to run the UCC Solution.
Our video conferencing and Unified Messaging is integrated within the UCC Solution and receive an auto-attendant and message management center.
Give your business the opportunity to securely collaborate internally and externally however they choose, all through a single UCC solution.
The Unified Communication and Collaboration tool for any size business that increases productivity, while remaining cost-effective.
Count on us for support throughout the life of your communications solution with management and maintenance services.

We want to work with you to find the perfect solution at the best possible price.

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