Why Hybrid UC Brings Greater Business Agility

August 16, 2017 mercury 0 Comment

Like any manager, you’re always looking for new and efficient ways to bring in more revenue and improve your speed to market. Particularly if you’re expanding and need to open new branch offices, respond to seasonal spikes, or want to be more innovative in your market. You want your phone system to easily expand with you and give you communication tools that will make your staff and business more flexible and productive.

As you consider ways to increase the flexibility of your business, think about your phone system. It’s a communications tool that can help you as the needs of your business flexibility evolve. Here’s how.

Improve speed to market.
If your company is expanding quickly and speed to market time is critical, you need to be able to add locations and employees quickly.

ShoreTel Connect HYBRID gives you the ability to ramp up a new office phone system with immediacy by adding new sites in the cloud – even if your headquarters is using an onsite system.  Your staff will be up and running in days, vs. weeks. HYBRID Sites also enable you to get new employees (like contact center agents) up to speed quickly.

What does this mean?  It means you and your teams are up and running faster and producing revenue even more quickly than ever before.

Create financial flexibility.
ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Apps offer the ability to integrate new applications quickly.

With HYBRID Apps you can provide access to applications on a per-user or per-month basis and turn on or off this subscription-based service as needed. This eliminates the capital expenditure of a more traditional phone system during seasonal business shifts when you are staffing up roles like customer service, support or even interns. Depending on the number of staff members you have, capital requirements can be a big investment.

Connect HYBRID Apps give businesses the ability to mix CapEx and OpEx expenses strategically and manage their budgets more efficiently, giving you greater financial flexibility.

Increase productivity.
ShoreTel Connect Apps give you access to productivity applications that are easy to deploy. For example, the Ronald McDonald House New York was able to begin using ShoreTel Hybrid Apps simply by inserting a token into ShoreTel Director. The entire process was completed in less than five minutes and eliminated the need to purchase and install additional hardware.

Users were able to access the applications they needed immediately, making significant strides in employee productivity.

Being nimble is a key part of today’s business environment. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID phone system can help you manage the many demands of your business by helping you improve your speed to market, giving you increased financial flexibility, and improving team productivity. ShoreTel Connect HYBRID can give your business flexibility in ways you’ve never imagined.

For information on two more communication tools you can leverage that will help improve productivity, check out this article. Time saving UC tips for your team

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