COVID-19’s Impact on the Telecom/Tech Industry

June 10, 2020 mercury 0 Comment

When the government called for a nation-wide quarantine a few months ago, the world largely turned to communication platforms to connect to their office and loved ones that they could not see in person. Technology became, even more so, an essential part of daily life. Whether it was socially, academically, or professionally, the need for reliable communication platforms grew tremendously.  


How did this affect the telecommunications/technology industry?

Service providers had to equip themselves to accommodate the capacity demand on their networks as millions of employees and students worked from home. Consumers need a reliable network. This is especially true since the traditional workplace might not be what some companies return to after exploring the remote version. World Wide Technology’s senior director of network solutions, Neil Anderson, expects a hybrid-working environment to emerge. Anderson anticipates a 30% to 40% reduction of employees physically coming into the office. This, again, emphasizes the importance of service providers expanding their capacity on their networks.

AT&T’s CEO, John Stankey, believes that investment in home broadband services will have a large increase in order to connect more home offices. In the telecommunications field, this is an important shift to monitor and prepare for. The same level of reliability and efficiency one received on the office network needs to translate to various locations as well. Access codes, password-protected logins, and various other measures have become more essential to the business operations as well. 

Very few projects are a one-person operation, which exposes the necessity of trusted collaboration services. Companies that had effective conferencing and collaborative platforms were in a better position to continue working with the organization. Telecommunication companies providing these amenities were more prepared for the vast amount of people working from home, and those companies without it now must incorporate that into its system. 


How Mercury Can Help

It is still uncertain what other changes will arise from this pandemic. However, as normal life slowly starts to resume, Mercury is open and operating to best serve our customers evolving needs. 

Mercury continues to adapt with the technological advancements and revolutions that are occurring as they have for the past four decades. We offer the technology to help keep your business efficient whether you’re working in the office or at home. We provide integrated security solutions that will help protect you, collaborative services to aid effective teamwork, as well as support if a problem were to arise. You can depend on Mercury to connect you with premier service, solutions and the most cutting edge telecommunications technology to keep operations as normal as possible. 


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