Our Top 3 Security Integrations

June 29, 2020 mercury 0 Comment


First, what is integration? It is the combining of one thing with another to create a whole system. Few realize how much we rely on integration in our daily lives. Can you cast music to wireless speakers in your home? Can you view live home security camera footage through your smartphone? Do you have a smart TV that you can control with an app from your smartphone? If your answer was yes to any of those questions, then you are already enjoying integrated life!

The purpose of these integrations is to give you the ability to conveniently control your surroundings so that you can save on time, money, and effort. Being problem-solvers, we are always searching for faster, easier, and more cost-effective ways of doing something.

But how does this apply to business? Integration is a great way to customize technology to fit your business initiatives, rather than distract from it. In this article there is a list of the top three integrations that we believe will have the most beneficial results on your business.

The solutions listed below historically have been stand-alone security measures, however with this new technology, it is able to integrate and give your business real-time feedback like never before. 


1. Active Directory 

Every company has an onboarding process, and if you have a unique phone number and/or email for each employee, then chances are you are using Active Directory to accomplish this. Active Directory gives and withholds access to users and devices based on predetermined credentials. From an organizational perspective, the first thing to be updated when an employee is either onboarding or terminated is the Active Directory. It’s the gateway to gain access to information throughout the company, whether by email, the file server, or other programs. Because of this, it has the highest priority to ensure it is up to date for security reasons.

The Active Directory can now integrate into your security system. Update your active directory, and our security system will automatically update as well and grant or revoke access to a user. This will authenticate who is accessing your system and when, allowing you to trust that your information is only being viewed by pre-approved eyes.


2. Access Control 

Access control is not a new idea. At its simplest form, you are controlling who has access to a specific area of a building. This has been around for decades, whether it was allowed access through a set of keys, key fobs, or employee badges. Now, with our integration security methods one can grant or revoke access remotely on demand. You can even use Smart HID cards and mobile credentials to integrate with the security system. Knowing exactly what is happening inside your facility allows you to feel protected and in control. 


3. Video Surveillance & Intrusion Alarms

Video surveillance has always been a way to protect yourself in the office from anything to theft to insurance claims. Integrated surveillance allows you to monitor your office remotely at any time on any device. It also can record and stop on demand based on motion detection. So not only can it cut down on hours of footage and wasted storage for recorded video, but it also gives timestamps for all motion captured footage. This integration lets you see what is happening in real time.

Similarly to video surveillance, intrusion alarms have always been an effective deterrent for anyone considering entering your property that should not be there. Now, with integration, not only can there be an alarm that trips, but also a trigger that sends real-time notifications to select staff members to inform them of the situation. This ensures you will not know about an intruder too late. 


How Mercury Can Help

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