Top 5 Advantages Of Softphones

July 23, 2017 mercury 0 Comment

The days of the landline telephone are numbered. In their place are softphones, or Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled phones that are usable from a computer. Softphones enable an organization to take advantage of VoIP phone systems that feature enahnced functionality, access to applications and more. That’s one reasons why the VoIP user base grew by 30.5 percent to reach 5.0 million users by year end in 2013.

The following are the top five reasons to consider adopting a softphone:

1) Connect your company

Desk phones can be expensive to install and maintain. If you want to move a landline, you have call the phone company to have it installed somewhere else. In addition, if your company decides to move to a bigger office, installing and moving landlines can become a hassle. With business VoIP phone systems, the software is installed on a computer and doesn’t have to be rerouted after a company moves offices or even during employee travel.

2) Connect your businesses

Presenting a unified face to clients, customers and business partners is important for any company. Unified communications, and softphones in particular, help with that image. The service makes it easier for employees to be connected and maintain a unified image.

3) Traveling employees

VoIP services can be highly beneficial for a business with employees that are mobile. Employees can communicate with supervisors or clients with the advantage of keeping the phone number they use at their desk. There is no need for a client to have two numbers on file, which could create confusion and lead to a strained client/business relationship right off the bat. Having location-independent contact information makes taking phone calls easier as well, because you can set the technology up to reach you at any number of devices you might have on you at the time.

4) Save money

Traditional landlines require a general operating fee in order to keep the service. With softphones, a company pays for bandwidth instead of minutes. Local calls on your VoIP software are often free, and long-distance can be cheaper than it would be if you used a traditional desk phone. For just a flat monthly rate that covers your data usage, you can make client calls and keep in touch with business partners across the country or across the world, saving money in phone charges in the long run.

5) Other useful features

VoIP softphones come equipped with a slew of features that will help put your business at the top of the field and keep everyone working smoothly. For instance, there is software that can create transcripts of voicemails and send those transcripts directly to your email. Your business phone service can also send bandwidth reports in order to track data usage and employee productivity. All of these features and more serve to help companies stay on track and be productive.

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