The Benefits Of Linking CRM With VoIP Systems

July 20, 2017 mercury 0 Comment

More organizations than ever are realizing the benefits of VoIP-based phone systems – whether in the cloud or on-premises system. One of the key benefits of these systems is the integration of customer relationship management (CRM) software, which allows customer representatives, agents, sales teams, managers and others to access and use client information.

The following are five key benefits of integrating a CRM solution like Salesforce into a modern, VoIP-based phone system:

1. Customer Relationship Improvement

With a VoIP-based contact center solution, customers can reach an organization’s employees over a variety of devices and methods of contact. Having all forms of relevant communication in one interface can streamline the process of reaching out to build those relationships, which in the long run can strengthen customer engagement and the bottom line.

2. Better Engagement

The quality of a company’s interactions with customers depends on engagement from both sides of the line. In a recent No Jitter article, Swartz Consulting founder Melissa Swartz reported that VoIP mobility is integral for companies that do in-house demonstrations to engage clients.

“When demonstrating to such a committee, remember that to them, their individual user interface (whether it’s a phone, desktop application or a mobile device) is the only part of the system that has relevance to them,” Swartz said.

In other words, the method of contact does matter to clients. VoIP systems have the ability to connect multiple forms of communication within a company’s infrastructure, ensuring even simple customer needs are always met.

3. Data Collection

Utilizing a VoIP solution with CRM software can also enable businesses to gather actionable data related to performance. In analyzing this data, companies gain valuable insight into customer interactions. For instance, some businesses may benefit from knowing how long customer service calls take, or how long a customer is on hold. This data can provide the impetus for organizations to understand what it is they need to do to get and retain customers. In particular, the data can lead to policy changes in how employees conduct customer interactions across the board.

4. Reduce Operating Costs

Companies can expect a greater return on investment when they invest in software-as-a-service contact center infrastructure. The contact center allow companies to better serve customers’ needs, which in turn increases customer satisfaction, which brings in a greater ROI. Additionally, when customers call long-distance, your phone bill no longer suffers. Instead of paying for minutes like with traditional land lines, you’re paying for data instead, according to Smart Data Collective, which is much more cost-effective.

5. Improve the Bottom Line

When customer relationships are improved and operating costs are reduced, companies can improve their bottom lines. The integration of VoIP into CRM systems can become an important part of how companies formulate and stick to their budgets. After all, they are redesigning existing infrastructure, not installing a whole new system. In the long run, businesses will have an improved system that enables them to better serve their customers and analyze performance.

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