Time Saving UC Tips For Your Team

August 16, 2017 mercury 0 Comment

As a communications solution provider, we consider it our job to bring you the latest information, trends and problem-solving techniques to keep you on top.  Today our topic surrounds ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Apps.

Two that are noteworthy and available right now are ShoreTel Connect HYBRID Scribe and ShoreTel Connect Fax. These are applications that improve your team’s productivity when used with a hybrid unified communications phone solution.

ShoreTel Connect Fax and Scribe give your team members a mobile way to interact with their voicemail and fax communications in a more effective way than they probably do today.

The ShoreTel Connect Fax application via a hybrid phone solution gives your team members the ability to receive traditional fax messages via email. Instead of waiting by the fax machine anticipating important documents, they’re delivered to email. If you manage a line of business that requires fax as an integral part of its communication toolset, then a hybrid phone solution gives you the ability to enhance traditional faxing.

For example, a real estate business can receive contracts and other important documents even when they’re not in the office.

A hybrid fax application eliminates the need for analog lines and traditional fax hardware. It increases privacy – no machines in public places. The biggest timesavers, though, are an immediate send and receive via email, and the ability to easily archive and search fax documents.

ShoreTel Connect Scribe is a tool that enables your staff to read voicemails on their phone. They can check their phone messages quickly and easily without ever dialing in, giving your team a whole new way to multi-task.

Connect Scribe is an especially useful tool for road warriors, like salespeople, who may be waiting for an important call to close a sale or get answers to a customer satisfaction situation from a technical specialist. If that salesperson needs information to move their sales process forward, that’s a call you don’t want them to miss.

Or if your technicians are on location with a customer, Connect Scribe gives them the ability to read a voicemail while they’re assisting the customer.

Connect Scribe eliminates your team’s time spent managing voicemail messages. Using email notification, it allows you to quickly see who called when, and why. Another benefit? You can archive, search and forward messages as easily as email.

As you look for ways to improve your team’s productivity, Mercury can give your employees the tools that make it easy for them to communicate.  No more interrupted meetings to check for an anticipated phone call or standing by a fax machine to get the updated contract.

If your team isn’t using ShoreTel Connect Fax and Scribe, think about how these tools can give them greater output without disrupting the other important work they’re doing.  Want to get started today?

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