12 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew Emergency Assistance Program

12 October 2016,

Hurricane Matthew has left a path of destruction along the southern part of the east coast and to assist our customers, NEC is implementing […]

9 November 2015

Strengthening Employee Communication

9 November 2015,

We all agree that email is the most efficient way to conduct important business.  It certainly seems like a time-saving method of communicating – […]

23 October 2015

Don’t Forget to Fall Back!

23 October 2015,

  November 1st 2015 is Day light saving time and we will be turning back the clocks by 1 hour. If you come in […]

14 October 2015

Remote Control: How your phone system may be stifling remote employee productivity

14 October 2015,

Imagine for a moment that you’re a sales manager at a growing company and tasked with building a remote team of 40 sales reps. […]

19 June 2015

Top 5 Advantages Of Softphones

19 June 2015,

The days of the landline telephone are numbered. In their place are softphones, or Voice over IP (VoIP) enabled phones that are usable from a […]