shoretel-hand-indoor-dock-ipad-landscape-01Unified Communications –
More than just a phone system

The way we work and communicate today has evolved from just voice calls. We can email, chat and text; we use video and conferencing, and use our smartphones and tablets wherever we are.

To make it all work in a business environment, it needs to be integrated – to simplify and control management and security of the system. With ShoreTel, they build phone systems with unified communications (UC) built in, not bolted on. This means they integrate the key components needed for efficient business communications—voice, email, instant messaging, presence (i.e., being able to check the availability of a co-worker), calendaring, video and audio conferencing and desktop sharing—all into one seamless package.

UC solutions eliminate communications complexity for both end users and system administrators.
The ShoreTel VoIP business phone solution was designed to be user-friendly; with the flexibility you need to empower your employees and give your IT department time to focus on other business priorities.

Advantages of a Unified Communications Platform

  • Simplified Operations
  • Reduced Costs (Service Calls)
  • Increased Worker Productivity
  • Faster response times
  • Improved Customer Service

Is it time for your organization to consider UC?

An investment in unified communications means big savings overall. In addition to increased productivity, consider what you might be spending now on things like travel, equipment (BYOD), order errors, project delays, and customer service issues. When you incorporate UC into your business, you improve response times, build opportunities to improve service to your customers and bring work teams closer together. If you are experiencing any of these scenarios, it might be time to consider UC:

  • Inability to respond/serve customers efficiently
  • Cannot easily route calls to various locations
  • You operate with more than one type of phone system
  • Travel costs are rising in order to satisfy customer service or team collaboration needs