Shoretel Connect Cloud – Shift your focus
from phone system issues to productivity-boosting benefits.

What is the Cloud? Cloud computing, which is also often called “hosted” or “software as a service” (SaaS), is an increasingly popular way to manage your technologies. Rather than purchase, install, and maintain an application, users subscribe to a monthly service in which cloud applications (including cloud VoIP systems) are located in secure data centers, and vendors take responsibility for owning, configuring, and managing them. Businesses connect to these applications through the Internet or private connections.

The benefits of a cloud phone system are plentiful.

  • Expert project managers to run your implementation
  • A dedicated team monitors system issues and feature usage. They will proactively help you improve and stay “in tune” over time
  • On-demand support and training, not only for system administrators, but also for end users
  • The right call flow gets callers where they want to go quickly, keeping your staff exactly as accessible as they want to be
A cloud-based solution eliminates IT headaches,
reduces resource costs and empowers your team
to work on projects that relate to your core business.

ShoreTel Connect CLOUD – future-proof your business.
By accessing one centralized software platform in the cloud, you’ll realize the benefits of automatic software updates, new features and capabilities and eliminate the hassle of new hardware and extended downtime. Choosing a cloud-based VoIP telephone system is one way to future-proof your business, preserve internal IT resources and lay the foundation for a suite of the latest in collaboration and mobility solutions.

What’s more, a cloud-based solution grants you the flexibility that today’s remote and mobile workers need. Integrating technology across multiple locations can be difficult, but with Connect CLOUD you can realize uniform deployment and simplified implementation for each of your locations. With the ability to stay connected wherever they are, employees will experience the same functionality and identity as if they were at their desk phone – simplifying processes and maximizing availability.

Benefits include:

  • Four-digit dialing between offices
  • Ability to transfer calls from one location to another
  • Locations can back each other up during peak call times or emergencies
  • Resources in different time zones can be leveraged to meet client needs.

Cloud, Premise or a Hybrid of both?
The size and location of your IT staff and resources may determine whether or not you’re better off with a hosted on onsite solution. You also need to consider your plan for growth and what the future looks like for your business.

Perhaps you support some of your locations yourself, or serve some of your applications from the cloud and some from your onsite systems at headquarters. Regardless, ShoreTel Connect offers you the flexibility to meet the existing, and future, needs of our organization.

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