IP Phone Systems

Voice Solutions
Here at Mercury Communication the value of conversation is alive. We got our start in voice technology and have been an industry leader in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area for phone systems.   View more.  

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions
Mercury Communication offers hosted solutions that give customers the benefit of cutting-edge innovation, but in a highly scalable and flexible service model.    View more.  


Collaboration Solutions
As a leader in voice, video and unified communications services, Mercury Communication is uniquely positioned to provide customers the solutions for all their needs.   View more.  

What We Do


Mercury is a leading telecommunication solutions provider in Texas, and has been for over three decades.  Mercury has thrived throughout the constant flux of the telecom industry; working with all of the technological advancements and revolutions that have proliferated in the last quarter century.  A single constant has remained – people’s need for a technology partner that can provide a system that best fits their requirements and Mercury’s commitment to serving them.

Mercury has always been committed to delivering the highest levels of service, reliability, and technology to its customers. Mercury effortlessly connects people to the latest innovations through its highly trained staff and strong alliances.

As your long-term partner, Mercury will not only customize a cost effective unified solution to your company’s individual needs, Mercury will remain a source to assure your future success and long-term productivity.  You can depend on Mercury to connect you with premier service, solutions and the most cutting edge telecommunications technology.



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